Module One PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Intensive (50hr)

Suzanne Swan will be offering a 50hr specialised PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training.  This is an in-depth study of Pregnancy & Yoga.  It will be followed later in the year with  Postnatal Yoga TT (50 hrs) & Active Birth TT (50hrs). The 150hr Postgraduate diploma can then be used to upgrade your yoga teaching certification.   You can then apply to become an accredited Yogababy teacher  and be licensed to teach 'Yoga for Babies' and the 'Active Birth' programmes.

Module One curriculum (50 hours)

Contact Hours

  • Non-residential 3-day Workshop Intensive (Friday - Sunday)
  • Observation ( Pregnancy yoga classes + class plans)
  • Assessment (Teaching classes)
  • Assignments (Readings and case studies)

What you will learn

  • Understand the three trimesters & common complications in pregnancy
  • Understand the physical & spiritual development of the baby
  • Explore yogic physiology & philosophies as they relate to pregnancy
  • Practice teaching safe yoga during pregnancy
  • Understand the anatomy of the female pelvis & uterus
  • Observe & study pregnancy yoga classes

Pre qualifications

  • Yoga Teacher Training Certification - Level 1 0r 2  (Min Level 350 - 500 hours) 
  • Yoga Teacher Training Provisional (Min Level 200 hours) will be required to attend all three modules to receive the 150hr Postgraduate Diploma
  • Midwives or other related women's health professionals (you will need to have at least a 6 month yoga practice).  The training will increase your knowledge of working one-on-one with women in your workplace teaching proven mind/body techniques for health & wellness during pregnancy.
  • The teacher training does not qualify you to teach pregnancy yoga classes if you are not already a qualified yoga teacher. If you are planning on teaching pregnancy yoga classes you will need to complete a general Level 1 (200 hr minimum) yoga teacher training course in addition to this specialised training.
  • If you complete all three trainings you will eligible to receive the Prenatal/ActiveBirth/Postnatal Yoga Postgraduate Diploma (150 hrs). 

Dates & Venue:

  • Friday 22nd- Sunday 24th Sept (9am - 5pm)
  • Yogababy Studio, 115 Haig Rd, Auchenflower


       $795 (by bank transfer)


To book into the training , please complete the Application form.

PostNatal Yoga Teacher Training 2 Weekend Intensives (50hr)

Postnatal 50 hr teacher training (Module 2 & 3)

  • Module two: Postnatal Yoga (25 hours) 24th - 26th Nov
  • Module three: Yogababy Program (25hrs)* 19th -21st Jan 

Active Birth Yoga Teacher Training 2 Weekend Intensives (50hr)

Active Birth 50 hr teacher training (Module 4 & 5)

  • Module four: Active Birth & Yoga (25hrs) 13th-15th Apr
  • Module five: Active Birth Skills* (25hrs) 18th -20th May 

 Suzanne will also be offering a specialised PreNatal/PostNatal Postgraduate Diploma (modules one-five) .  This is an in-depth study of Pregnancy, Active Birth and Postnatal Yoga (150hrs). Undertaking the weekend intensives will go towards the Postgraduate Diploma.

*these modules give you the opportunity to gain accreditation as a Yogababy Teacher and be issued a license to teach the Yogababy  &/or Active Birth Skills Programs. You do not need to be a Yoga Teacher to teach these programs.  They are open to health professionals, midwives and other professions to include in their services.

Expression of Interest for other Teacher Training (fertility, postnatal and active birth)