Suzanne swan


Suzanne Swan is the principal teacher and founder of yogababy.  She has a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology, is a Senior Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, an Advanced Educator with Childbirth and Parenting Education Association (CAPEA) and is a Registered Calmbirth® Practitioner.  She has been studying and practicing yoga for over 30 years.

Suzanne has been teaching Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga since 1999. She is certified as a Yoga for Pregnancy teacher and Active Birth Educator by Jane Campbell-Kaye and Janet Balaskas of the Active Birth Centre, London (2001). 

Using the awareness gained through the practice of breathing and relaxation, she birthed her two children using Active Birth skills. Since their births, she has studied with many renowned international and local teachers in the areas of birth, yoga and healing developing her own inspiring body-mind centred childbirth classes. She is dedicated to providing the best possible childbirth education programme available to couples today. 

As well as teaching weekly Active Birth Yoga, & Pregnancy Yoga classes, Suzanne offers monthly Active Birth Workshops for couples and Antenatal Private Sessions by appointment.  She also conducts specialised PreNatal/PostNatal Yoga teacher training courses and leads Active Birth Teacher trainings  for health professionals, physiotherapists, childbirth educators and midwives.  

Suzanne has a passion for birth and believes in the transformational power of yoga. Her yoga practice for the last twenty-five years has been dedicated to understanding how meditation and different breathing and yoga techniques enhance hormonal balance and women's health.  She has been inspired by Yogini's such as Janet Balaskas, Geeta Iyengar, Swami Gurupremananda Sarawati,  Judith Lasater, Ateeka and Tam James.  



Lauren (Loz) has always believed that yoga encourages you to see that everything you need is within and as women there is a deep cycle that we are internally connected to. "Yoga was a wonderful way for me connect with my baby & the changes occurring in my body during pregnancy also to prepare me for the birthing experience. It allowed me to be in the present moment & believe this is why my daughter has such a calm spirit.  As a yoga teacher I have the unique opportunity to truly support pregnant women. Watching mothers deepen their bond with their babies in a relaxing environment of the Mums & Bubs yoga is divine."  Loz  attended Pregnancy Yoga, Active Birth Yoga & Mums & Bubs yoga classes during her first pregnancy 2015 - 2016.   Loz teaches Pregnancy Yoga & Active Birth Yoga in West End and Pregnancy Yoga & Mums & Bubs Yoga in West Chermside & Auchenflower.

  • Level One Yoga Teacher Training (350hrs)  through My Health Yoga in 2012 
  • Kids Yoga Teacher Training through Angel Yoga 4 Kids in 2013
  • IYTA diploma of Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training (150hrs) 2014 
  • Yogababy PreNatal/PostNatal Yoga TT (100 hrs) 2017
  • Yogababy Active Birth Yoga educator/yoga teacher (100hrs) 2017



Natalie has a decade of yoga practice and qualified as a yoga teacher in 2016.  She  completed her Pre/Postnatal teacher training with Yoga London & Birth Light Baby Yoga in 2016/17.  “I love teaching yoga to people from all walks of life, but have a particular affinity for working with women navigating life-changing experiences like pregnancy and motherhood, body image issues, and hormonal challenges.”

She recently moved back to Brisbane after 14 years in the UK and teaches yoga full-time in Brisbane. Natalie teaches  Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for Mums with a toddler/crawler at Auchenflower


Ellie Wilson.jpg


Ellie began meditation in her early 20’s. It is with love, passion and lots of experience that she shares all things pregnancy. and She has experienced two very different pregnancies, deliveries and the amazing journey of parenting her beautiful babies who are now teenagers.  Ellie teaches yogababy Pregnancy yoga classes in Auchenflower.

  • Yoga Australia level 2 Teacher
  • Level 1 My Health Yoga
  • Rainbow kids family and community yoga
  • Teens & Yoga Therapy for Kids and people with Special Needs training with Stacey Nelson
  • Yoga and Pre, Postnatal and Active Birthing training with Being Yoga
  • Fertility yoga with Yoga Baby,
  • Level 2 in Yoga Therapy with YogaPhysio & Brisbane Yoga & Meditation


Nicole brings a therapeutic approach to pre and postnatal yoga with her training in yoga therapy.  She understands that the body goes through many changes throughout pregnancy and then after the baby is born. 

"As a Mum of a toddler it can be difficult to work with the physical changes motherhood brings and any aches and pains that come with it."  Nicole’s focus is to get your body back in a progressive and safe way and at the same time share special memories with your baby. Being a mum herself, Nicole can relate to the joys and demands of having a baby, thus making her passion for healing and nurturing both mom and baby a primary focus in her life. 

Nicole has over 700hrs of training in meditation, yoga nidra, yoga therapy, and pre/postnatal yoga.