Naomi's Surrender to Birth

We wanted to share with you the birth of our third little love, our son Rumi Leo. He was born over 42 weeks in a birth that almost mirrored River’s birth a year prior. 

I was booked in for an induction again to face my fears again (after trying everything I could including 7 sweeps with no desired changes). My midwife was (surprisingly) able to break my waters (my cervix changed just in time) and sent me out to walk 3 hours of stairs - Matt clocked 12km on his fitbit all up! I was so determined but thought it couldn’t possibly happen the same way River’s did. But the surges started in the last half an hour to spare when I had almost given up. I went on to birth naturally and undisturbed 5 hours later in a beautiful water birth. I was home 3 hours later and overwhelmingly grateful for this beautiful experience and the safe babe in my arms.


The theme was surrender - I found this time a lot harder than River’s birth because I was in my head more doubting that my body could do what it had done before and trying to force the surges to keep coming. Each time I broke down, gave up and surrendered they came at me like a tidal wave. I even had a sleep on the floor in my transition phase to be woken by an almighty surge calling me to get up and birth my baby.

It was amazing having all the knowledge we had learnt from our private session with you and watching it play out in almost an out of body experience, watching the birthing process take over. Thank you so much again, we are so grateful to you. So true, experiencing surrender first hand is transformative and powerful.

He is such an angel, adored by all 4 of us (hard to believe we are now 5 in total!)

Naomi attended yogababy for all three of her children.  She has done the Pregnancy yoga, Active Birth Yoga, Active Birth Workshop and Private Session with Suzanne