Mums and BubsYoga with a crawler/toddler

So what is it like to do yoga with your crawler/toddler? This class is all about YOU!  Let your child move around the room, safe from furniture or stairs whilst you focus on doing yoga.  Your child will be happy socialising with the other children whilst you get to work on your Downward Dogs. It's special a time for you to observe your child meeting and communicating with other children. It really is the healthiest playgroup you can be part of.

We ask that you leave your belongings outside, water bottles up out of the way and snacks for after class.  You can feed and cuddle your child anytime.  When they are done with socialising we engage them in song and movement to include them in our practice.  For children up to 24 months.Our next Yoga with a crawler/toddler commences on Monday 1st August @ 11.30am.

Edith's birth

Edith's birth

Edith Dawn was born Thursday 26 June, 7:19pm, weighing 9lb 6oz, 58cm and a completely natural vaginal birth. This was amazing for many reasons- my size (I'm a thin women), condition (i had hyperemesis gravidarum my whole pregnancy), my low tolerance of pain, and issues with obstetricians prior to delivery.

Born at 40wks +11days we were on a race against the clock. I had a horrid time with obstetricians prior to Edith's birth, with doctors adamant to book in an induction from 39weeks with no medical reason besides scheduling. I was bullied, called a 'problem', informed many times i was killing my baby, and told because i had a birth plan i was setting myself up for a terrible birth. I was not opposed to induction, but did not want her scheduled before day 10 unless there was a medical concern- she will come when she is ready i thought. In tears and extremely upset from both my 39 and 40 wk appointments, Cheryl Sheriff, my doula from Ideal Births, picked up the pieces at a moments notice. I also drew strength from the wonderful support and encouragement of Suzanne Swan and fellow active birthing yoga ladies at Yogababy.

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