Pregnancy yoga

In our Pregnancy yoga classes we practise classical yoga postures and deepening your awareness  of your growing baby. 

In our Active birth yoga classes we practise yoga postures and breathing exercises to prepare you for a natural birth.  Learn birthing skills and rediscover your inner resources.  

No previous yoga experience necessary.  We provide two types of pregnancy yoga classes:

Birth yoga

We are committed to women and their support team having positive experiences of birth.

Our childbirth education classes explore practical ways to assist the labouring woman at birth. 

Learn relaxation, breathing, vocalisation  and massage techniques. As well as birthing positions for 1st and 2nd stages of labour.

Our antenatal classes complement hospital classes and are also an excellent refresher for parents. 

baby yoga

Since 2000 we have recognised the need for mothers and babies to stay connected in the early phase of parenting. 

Our classes focus on yoga postures specifically for the postnatal months, designed to help you regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way.

We provide two types of postnatal yoga classes: