While the Active birth yoga classes and Active Birth Workshop  are an effective way of learning and practising, pregnancy and birth remains an entirely personal experience for the mother and her birth companions. We believe that there comes a time when a mother is best served in a one-on-one relationship with an experienced Childbirth Educator. Your private session is tailored to meet your specific needs.

This hands-on practical childbirth session is an excellent refresher class or complement to your antenatal classes in hospital.  Couples leave feeling relaxed and confident that they have practical skills to meet any of the emotional or physical challenges that labour may bring.

 Reasons you may prefer a private session are:

  • The dates of the Active Birth group workshops are not suitable
  • You live a distance away from our regular yoga classes or workshops
  • You do not like learning in a group situation
  • You have special needs.  This might include a high profile public lifestyle, previous traumatic birth experience, special family circumstances, lack of support or medical issues
  • You prefer one-on-one learning environments.

A private session is generally 3 hours in length.  The tuition cost for a session during working hours is $120/hr(+GST)  Evening sessions  are limited and are offered upon request ($132/hr +GST). 

Brisbane: Sessions are available at the Yogababy studio in Auchenflower from Monday to Friday.

Gold Coast: Sessions are available at the Currumbin Eco Village on Fridays.

The private sessions are taught by Suzanne Swan.  To help us tailor your session to your needs please fill out the private session form

Active Birth Private :  It is recommended to do a  3  hour private session for you and your partner to learn the Active Birth skills for labour as well as covering the different birth stages. The Active Birth skills include  breathing and relaxation skills, massage and acupressure techniques and Active Birth positions for 1st and 2nd stages, stages of labour, and transferring from home to hospital.

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You can attend a weekly Active birth yoga class covering the eight Active Birth Skills (Relaxation, Affirmations, Optimally Positioning Baby, Visualisation, Breathing, Vocalisation & 1st/2nd Stage Birthing positions) that you practice with your partner in the private session.  The yoga classes give you more practice and in-depth study of the Active Birth Skills. 

My labour and birth went so much better than I expected. Thanks to the active birth yoga classes I felt very prepared & empowered & Damien was amazing & I think it was a direct result of the private session with you that he knew exactly what to do & we were a real team. I cannot thank you enough or recommend your services enough. I will be back next time around too as I think your classes are perfect preparation for an empowering birth.
— Sarah
AFTER SESSION: We both feel so positive and calm about the whole impending experience from the information and time we spent with you. We learnt and gained so much from your session, definitely worth coming down to Brisbane!!! We don’t think we would have got nearly as much knowledge and support from the normal hospital antenatal classes. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone who wants something more personable and informative!!!
AFTER BIRTH: The breathing exercises you gave us were invaluable!!!! I felt in control and aware of my body the majority of the time (Jon quickly pulled me back if I lost it for a minute) and with the breathing techniques I knew exactly how long my contractions were going for and felt empowered that I could handle it. The knowledge that you gave Jon was absolutely the best thing that I could have wished for. He was hugely supportive, took control and when I needed a bit of a break he went into relaxation mode which just made me completely relaxed between contractions. The midwife actually asked us after the birth what courses we did as she has never seen a partner so helpful and in tune with the mother than us.
— Brooke