Goddess Green Tara - the sacred art form of Paubha

green tara whole.jpg

Green Tara is the female Buddha in Vajrayana,  a meditation deity worshipped to develop inner qualities and to understand buddhist teachings such as Karyna (compassion), metta (loving kindness) and shunyata (emptiness).

My month of painting at Simrik Atelier in old Kathmandu, Patan, Nepal will be to create, embody and complete a Pauhba of Green Tara/Saraswati.  In Nepal both Goddesses are often represented as one. The sacred art form of Paubha is a visual interpretation of the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies as practiced in the Vajrayana tradition. Ritualistic symbolism is used to depict gods and goddesses in their different postures, according to ancient text.  Once a viewer becomes aware of the symbolism each Paubha painting can be read like a text, aiding the practitioner in their meditation practice.

A Paubha is always painted for a spiritual reason and the painting process embraces painters spiritual contemplation and guidance from a learned master.  I will be under the guidance of Lok Chitrakar.