Yab-yum - the inspiration

This is my version of the Yab Yum inspired by Nepalese artist Lok Chitrakar.  My version has Buddha and his consort inside the Shiva  Lingum.  In Nov 2017 I was inspired to paint and I finished this painting within a week and was then inspired to try another.  Green Tara was my next painting and whilst rough it took very little time and I found myself obsessed.  I knew I wanted to paint uninterrupted and that’s when I wrote to Lok Chitrakar in Feb 2018 and asked if I could visit his studio in Nepal in Oct 2018.  Several months later to my surprise he wrote back saying yes.  If I was prepared to paint 4-5 hours a day I would be welcome to complete a Pauhba using mineral paint on a cloth canvas over a month.  And so began the preparation.

The sacred art form of Paubha is a visual interpretation of the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies as practiced in the Vajrayana tradition. Ritualistic symbolism is used to depict gods and goddesses in their different postures, according to ancient text.  Once a viewer becomes aware of the symbolism each Paubha painting can be read like a text, aiding the practitioner in their meditation practice.

Simrik Atelier is an art school in Patan, Kathmandu for painting Paubhas (Newari painting). Simrik Atelier was founded by Paubha artist, Lok Chitrakar.  Lok Chitrakar is a self-taught Paubha artist that has been referred to as, “the Maker and Saver of Paubha.” Over the last 40 years, Lok Chitrakar has worked to keep Paubha art current.