Saraswati almost finished!

The Saraswati painting in almost completed. Heading into the 19th day of painting tomorrow. It has been an amazing journey through the spectrum of creativity. From excitement to doubt, to joy, to inadequacy, to tranquility, to hesitation, to rightness, to frustration, to love, to anxiety, to transition, to creation!!! I am so pleased that I have taken time out to do this journey and know that the creation of this Paubha will remind me of my vision for the coming years.

The paper for the painting was made by hand using cotton, shell powder, buffalo resin, stone, water and hard work from Lok’s apprentices. The paints are minerals like lapis lazuli (blue) malachite (green), cinnabar (red), harital (yellow), shell (white) and gold. These powdered minerals are mixed with water and resin and applied in layers, some many times.

I have been intrigued to find I like the fine detailed work of motifs and lining. My challenges are in learning the art of shadowing. The Newari style is in the motifs and colours. Under the guidance and help of Lok Chitrakar I have been able to create something unique yet with meaningful symbols shared by the ancient culture of Nepal.

In a few days I will head to the mountains of Langtang and begin an eight day track through the valley to mountains 3850 meters high.