“Yoga for Babies”

Instructors Training


Become an instructor…

Learn to instruct the Yoga for Babies program to

  • enrich your Mums & Bubs Yoga classes

  • teach a Yoga for babies program in your workplace

  • offer to a small group of mums & bubs

About the program…

The Yoga for Babies exercise program is a special sequence of movements that assist in the postural development of babies from lying to walking.  Lack of physical exercise for a baby will have the same effects as for an adult - poor digestion, constipation, emotional agitation, poor circulation and laziness.  The program recognises that babies need to strengthen both their muscular abilities and nervous system. A baby's physical development requires times of unfettered energy expression and times of peaceful stillness. In the Yoga for Babies program both these needs are met. 

Becoming an instructor includes: 4 Day intensive + assessment + accreditation/licensing (see information sheet)

2019: 4 day program: September 27th - 30th, Friday 10am to Monday 12pm

Costs: $1150 for 4 Day intensive training + $95 yearly licensing fee. Listed as a Yoga for Babies instructor on the yogababy website

Prerequisites: To become a Yoga for Babies Instructor, no previous experience is necessary as we provide all the essential tools for your training.  The PostNatal Yoga TT is recommended for Yoga Teachers completing the Yoga for Babies program.