BIRTH STORY: Meet baby Toby

I love hearing our students' stories about birthing their babies. Each is unique and hearing how they have been able to put into practice what they learn in the classes and workshops is truly wonderful. Ashely attended our Pregnancy Yoga, Active Birth Yoga and Active Birth Workshop with her partner Jake.

Here's Ashley's story in her own words.

"Jake and I welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world last night. He came at 38 weeks on 13 June weighing 3.22kg and 49cm long. My waters broke at 12:30pm and bub was born at 10:12pm. Thank you for all of the support and guidance we have received from Yogababy. We appreciate everything we learned in active birth classes together as well as pregnancy yoga with Loz. We certainly used the breathing, massage and rocking techniques during labour. I was able to rely so much on Jake and his practice and confidence learned from classes are the reason why. 

I hope more women can be confident during labour. Our obstetrician was unable to do the delivery but she couldn't believe how well we did when she read our hand over and it was definitely because Jake and I worked as a team after the practice we did during pregnancy. We didn't get to control every decision made but we were confident to explain why we made certain choices in our birth plan and actively engaged in decision making during labour."

Thank you Ashely for sharing your story with us. Enjoy your beautiful baby Ashley and Jake, and I look forward to meeting Toby soon.