BIRTHSTORY: Liz's natural vaginal birth with no drugs

liz senior.jpg

Labour started naturally at home at about 1am on Sunday morning and we stayed home until about 1am on Monday morning. I started vomiting as the contractions were getting stronger and I just wasn't sure and confident with whether it was proper labour so decided to go in to hospital. I was in active labour when we arrived and all was good. After about 5am my membranes were broken at 9 cm dilated as the labour was slowing and not progressing for a while but other than that it was an all natural vaginal birth with no drugs.  My partner was constantly reminding me to sway  and move in the positions we learnt in the Active Birth Yoga classes as I kept forgetting and also he helped my noises to be low as they kept creeping up to those higher tones.

I didn't think I'd make it in the last minutes. The midwife was amazing. I mainly used the vocalisation with the different positions but ended up pushing in a squat position on the bed and then lying on side with one leg up and last part on my back with legs against midwife and obgyn.

Thank you so much for your classes. It really helped me understand what to expect and how to go about confidently birthing my baby. Will get into a routine and then look out for your baby and mum yoga classes.

Liz attended Active Birth Yoga classes