BIRTH STORY: Meet Baby Magnus


We have a beautiful baby boy!  Born 9pm last night 5th April weighing 4.3kg.

Contrary to my history (two babies both under 2 hour labours) this time I got to experience a 5 hour labour,  hence I am very grateful for all your teachings!  The stretch & sweep was enough to bring in 2cm dilation to break the waters and So I progressed into 1 minute contractions about 1 hour after my membranes were broken. They were painful but just not at the intensity I thought was required. So I stood through 3 hrs of these. I knelt with a swiss ball, 1 knee up (my standard birthing position) this brought the baby down but couldn't get him to crown after 1 hour here. Again I just didn't feel sufficient strength in these contractions for this late stage of labour so asked the midwife for an alternative position.  We jumped up on the bed left side lying. Ross held my leg up & it took 15 mins to push him through.

I was able to stay completely focused and calm and we have a big alert healthy boy now despite the slow (by my standard) transition into the world! I'm really pleased to have experienced a longer more enduring labour for my third baby!  Thank you again for your teachings. I called upon more of your wisdom this time than ever before.