Visualisation of the Lotus! A universal metaphor for birth

By Suzanne Swan

Join us this Monday to begin the Active Birth Yoga classes. Our first class is on Visualisation in Labour & Birth. You can start anytime!

When I was in labour I had a picture of a lotus flower on my mantelpiece.  I remember clearly looking into the centre of the flower during labour surges and seeing the petals flowing outwards.  My mind was transformed into another place as I imagined my cervix like the flower opening.  I know they say you can’t make your cervix open but I concentrated my will and I felt my cervix opening, it crackled, not like a flower at all but like muscle giving way.   I have had other mums over the years share the same experience.  They simply thought about and imagined their body opening and it did in a very short time.  The second common element in their stories was they were all upright either sitting on the toilet or crouching in the birthing pool or floor.

lotus flower LR.jpg