BIRTH STORY: Meet baby Theo


Our precious baby boy Theo was born on 11 January. He is our third baby and it was quite a calm and peaceful birth. I’m so pleased I did the Active Birth classes again this time around. 

My waters broke about 5pm on the night before but I wasn’t having any contractions so I rang the hospital and they said to come in. The obstetrician checked me then and said I could go home and if I didn’t go into labour over night then they would induce me the next day. I was very pleased when I started getting contractions at about 1am. The skills I used were breathing initially, then swaying. We went into the hospital about 3am and I was 8cm dilated on arrival. I used vocalising then, remembering the importance of low toning, and thought keywords ‘open, down, turn’.

It was very calm in the delivery suite with one midwife and the obstetrician. They did not make much comment and let me guide the process. The pushing was very hard work but he was born in three contractions at 5am.

The midwife said she was impressed with how I ‘listened to my body’. I felt great after the birth. Thanks so much for all your advice Suzanne.

Katelyn attended our Active Birth Yoga classes with Suzanne.