Michael's Birth

Baby Michael was born on 22 March, a week and a day after his due date. He arrived ten minutes after we got to the Mater, and 8 minutes after my midwife arrived!  I only had four contractions in the birth suite and he was out, I was standing up and was very surprised to see him so soon. I'm not sure if the standing up delivery made it easier, or because it was my second baby, but physically I felt pretty good afterwards: no shock, no tearing, no shakiness.  Michael was a healthy 3.7kg. 

During the labour, which began at 4am with contractions 10 minutes apart (and stayed that way for hours), I thought I was coping well at home, and didn't feel the need to be in hospital. The difference between "coping" and feeling like "I need to go to hospital NOW" was really swift. Luckily my instincts kicked in (eventually!) and the traffic wasn't too bad. Michael was born at 10.44am. I'm not that fond of the hospital environment, so it worked out perfectly, in my view! We stayed our requisite 4 hours then were off home to relax and enjoy our new baby son.

Big brother George picked the "enthusiasm" card from the Pregnancy and Birth Oracle cards the morning his little brother arrived, and it was spot on - he has been nothing but enthusiastic about the baby.  I have made sure that I give him one on one time every day, and this is definitely helping him adjust. There are times when he wants me to put him to bed, but I'm feeding the baby so Dad has to do it (and explain why) and he seems to get it. 

Thank you for the Active Birth classes, I got a lot out of them (including a night off from toddler duties!) and it really helped me to be in the right frame of mind for the arrival of our new baby. 

So, thanks again, and perhaps I'll see you at Mummy and Me down the track....