Creating positive affirmations out of fears

By Suzanne Swan

Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions play an integral role in our actions and decision-making, they even affect our physiology every moment of the day. What we think and believe about birth matters. A positive image of birth is the cornerstone of a safe, happy birth experience. If you believe your body is meant to give birth efficiently, naturally and without complications and that birth is a joyful event, you are more than halfway to a safe, natural birth. 


Acknowledging fears and working with them prior to birth will mean that much less tension will be carried into labour. Learning to recognise, admit, and face your feelings will make your pregnancy a more positive experience. Worrying, rather than dealing with fear, makes the emotion grow totally out of proportion.

Try this: Every time you notice your head filed with fears about the baby or your new mother hood role, you have to remember to turn over the leaf.  Each one of your fears is a leaf with two very different sides.

·       Side 1: FEAR - On this leaf you will find: “I will never be able to make it through labour and birth.”

·       Side 2: FAITH - On the other side you will find: “I will have the inner strength and help I need to have a good birth experience