BIRTH STORY: Meet happy baby Finn

What a beautiful capture of this little man's happy face! Seeing these gorgeous bubba faces pop into my inbox brings so much sunshine to my day.

Here's the story of how baby Finn was born, as told by his mama, Tanya:

"I wanted to write and thank you for all your active birth advice. Our little boy Finn was born 10th July (38+5 days) to a natural vaginal birth without induction or pain relief- just the birth I was hoping for.

I was able to use my breathing and movement techniques I learned in the Active Birth Workshop as well as Active Birth Yoga to support myself through each contraction. When I arrived at the hospital, I was 8cm dilated, having done most of the work at home. The midwife commented that she was surprised it was my first child as I looked like I had given birth before! I attributed this to the skills I learnt in your classes. 

We are now enjoying our special time with Finn."

Tanya attended my Active Birth Yoga classes and the Active Birth Workshop. So happy for you Tanya, and I cannot wait to meet Finn soon.