Joseph's quick birth!

Just wanted to let you know our little man, Joseph Henry, arrived 16/1/16 (on his due date!) with help from our yogababy lessons! We had a wonderful birth and feel yogababy helped us achieve that. My waters broke 15/1/16 but I didn't go into labour until 16/1. I was in early labour for 4 hours, active for about 4hrs and pushed for 13 minutes. The labour was so quick that it was quite intense and my husband was very good at helping me count my breathing and letting me know how long I had to go before I had a break which was something we did with you. We also had nice music and lights dim in birth suite (made the labour room our own space which we also talked about with you) and I was holding on to him and swaying as standing was least painful for me (I gave birth standing) and a midwife walked in and commented how beautiful it was, that there was heaps of oxytocin in the room and that a baby would be born any minute!