BIRTHSTORY: Alice's positive scheduled birth

We had a wonderful birth - despite the induction at 39 weeks for Advanced maternal age. It started with a balloon the night before which was pretty intense and I needed the TENS machine and lots of calm breathing for the first five hours until the contractions it caused had settled! The following morning my membranes were ruptured and I had 6 hours of gentle contractions on increasing synto; I used calm breathing and visualisation for this, as well as aromatherapy, massage, acupressure points and some Birth ball bouncing. Six hours later our midwife found I was still 3cm dilated but that there was as a pocket of forewaters which she ruptured and things hotted up quickly!
Within a few minutes my contractions were next level! I was using yoga positions (deep squats with “dangling” like you taught us which I think really opened my pelvis) and leaning forward on my husband and later the kneeling position leaning forward on the bed...TENS turned to max...and later loud vocalising with ahhhhing and  ooohing...and 47 minutes after that second examination I was fully dilated! The Obstetrician just made it in time as 11minutes of pushing later, our baby girl was in our arms... I was thinking  “my vagina is huuuuge” while she was crowning like you taught us! What a magical moment to meet her! “