Pregnancy Yoga (5 week course)

These Prenatal yoga classes are for pregnant women between 6 weeks and 42 weeks. Health providers recommend prenatal yoga as a safe and gentle form of exercise during pregnancy. The classes are lead by a qualified yoga teacher with expert knowledge of pregnancy. You will be guided safely through dynamic and relaxing poses by your yoga teacher and given options to vary the poses according to your energy levels and specific pregnancy conditions. You can change your class day & time to suit your personal schedule

Saturdays 10.00am-11.15am at Varsity Lakes

Tuesdays 6.45pm-8pm at Southport (starts 10th September)

SPECIAL for $99 for 5 Class Pass (5 week expiry)

It is not necessary to have previous yoga experience to attend our Prenatal yoga classes. For many women it may be the first time they have practiced yoga. We teach simple beginner's postures with varying levels of complexity offered to experienced yoga students.

Mums & Bubs Yoga (5 week course)

These classes focus on yoga postures specifically designed to help you regain strength and balance after birth. The Yoga for Babies sequence is specially designed to assist your baby's growth and development. For babies 8 weeks to actively crawling.

Tuesdays 10am - 11.15am at Southport

5 Class Pass $125 for 5 Classes (6 week expiry)

Active Birth Workshop (once a month)

This is a two hour Pregnancy & Active Birth workshop held once a month on a Saturday afternoon is for you to attend with or without your partner. The workshop will involve practicing yoga postures to prepare you for a natural birth, learning breathing & acupressure techniques pain management and active birthing positions for a shorter labour & birth.

Saturday 2pm - 4pm at Southport

Dates: 24th August, 28th Sept, 16th Nov, 14th Dec

Each week I feel more and more prepared for my baby’s birth. I’ve always been of the opinion that birthing requires preparation, which is why I joined yogababy, and so far it’s met all my expectations and more. You have really helped with my birthing plan and my awareness of my body during labour. I wouldn’t have thought of any of this on my own! I now feel comfortable that I can take control of my birth, allowing it to be a positive experience. The other ladies are wonderful and it’s nice to compare notes!
— Jess