Have a calmer, fitter pregnancy

Being able to move gives you confidence in your pregnancy

Join a dedicated yoga practice for peace and calm from 6 weeks to 42 weeks.  Relax and be reassured that coming to yoga is the best exercise for you and your baby. Health providers recommend prenatal yoga as the safest form of pregnancy exercise. The Pregnancy Yoga classes are a wonderful way to meet other mums in an open and supportive space. Mums report that attending the Pregnancy Yoga classes increases their feelings of confidence and connection with their baby.

It is not necessary to have previous yoga experience to attend our Prenatal Yoga classes. For many women it may be the first time they have practiced yoga. You will be guided safely through dynamic and relaxing Pregnancy Exercises by your experienced yoga teacher and given options to vary the poses according to your energy level and specific pregnancy conditions.

*Summer Aqua Yoga classes are designed for you to maintain your health & fitness, both emotionally & physically during this amazing journey to motherhood. Aqua Yoga helps prepare expectant mums for labour, relieves many of the discomforts of pregnancy and increases your energy levels in a supportive environment.

Brisbane Class schedule

You can change your class day & time to suit your personal schedule

  • Tuesday 5.45pm - 7.00pm West End

  • Thursday 6.00pm-7.15pm Auchenflower

  • Saturday 9.30am-10.45am Auchenflower

Payment options

  • $108 for 4 class Pregnancy Yoga pass (4 week expiry)*

  • $184 for 8 class Pregnancy Yoga pass (10 week expiry) *

  • $180 for Unlimited Monthly pass to Pregnancy & Active Birth Yoga Classes

  • Cancel up to 2 hours before class and reschedule

  • * Any unused classes after your baby's birth date can be used in Mums & Bubs Yoga classes. Please notify us when your baby is born. Does not apply to monthly pass

Although a degree of physical fitness is required to participate in the classes, we teach simple beginner's postures with varying levels of complexity offered to experienced yoga students. During the yoga for pregnancy class you will practise classical yoga postures and tune into the consciousness of your growing baby.  Read more about the benefits of prenatal yoga and what kind of postures are practised in a yogababy Pregnancy yoga class

Yogababy has been offering pregnancy yoga classes since 2003.  We have helped thousands of women/couples during their pregnancy to stay healthy, calm and at ease. From around 24 weeks onwards you may want to attend the  Active Birth Yoga classes as well to prepare for the upcoming birth.  As an active birth includes the participation of the birthing woman's partner, it is recommended that your partner attends an Active Birth Workshop with you between 32 and 38 weeks.

Yogababy is providing a flexible yoga schedule and a variety of prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga classes at price that you can afford. Places are available now. Book online or call us on 0424 755 763 to speak to someone who can arrange a specialised booking for you.

I wanted to thank you so much for your gentle and confident approach to your pregnancy yoga classes. When I came to you I’d been diagnosed with prenatal anxiety and depression, and while I was on medicine and having therapy, it was your classes that allowed my mind to be still and enjoy the beauty and wonder of being pregnant and preparing to birth my baby. It was exactly what I needed
— Caityln
Each week I feel more and more prepared for my baby’s birth. I’ve always been of the opinion that birthing requires preparation, which is why I joined yogababy, and so far it’s met all my expectations and more. You have really helped with my birthing plan and my awareness of my body during labour. I wouldn’t have thought of any of this on my own! I now feel comfortable that I can take control of my birth, allowing it to be a positive experience. The other ladies are wonderful and it’s nice to compare notes!
— Jess
When the intelligence of the body is awakened through the practice of yoga, it will guide the woman throughout the pregnancy, making her feel perhaps more in touch with herself than ever before. She is then taken closer to her own nature and ready to flow with the moment of birth when it begins
— Frederick Leboyer