BIRTH STORY: Rebecca's beautiful birth experience

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Another beautiful birth story, as told by new mama and Yogababy student, Rebecca.

"My lovely coworker Ashley told me about the Active Birth Yoga classes she'd been attending. I enrolled too, as I had envisioned having a natural and peaceful birth. I attended classes at West End and my partner also came to the Private Session with Suzanne.

I was in early labour on and off for around 2 days which I managed with lots of rest, breathing and yoga poses. Hard contractions started coming at 10pm one night, which we managed at home as long as possible with breathing, movement, vocalising and my partner helping me in the shower. I think the Private Session really helped prepare him with what to expect and how to support me. At hospital I had the incredible experience of labouring and birthing in the water. I used gas for pain relief during contractions and continued with movements practiced in class, vocalising and positive affirmations. After 12 hours of labour my daughter was born under the water and I delivered her from my body using my own hands, just like we practiced!

There were some moments of self-doubt during labour and transition that were overcome by trusting my body, and by my amazing midwife's unwavering support. She seemed so genuinely committed to helping me achieve the calm and natural birth I had wished for. My partner was fantastic at counting through the breathing with me, and he continually encouraged me to keep going when I felt I couldn't. Having a trusted birth team who are on the same page as you is so important.

I walked out of hospital 6 hours after birth carrying my baby. I felt like a warrior. It was a true sacred rite of passage to experience the raw natural power of what my body can do. Labour and birth were the most intense experiences of my life but the journey felt like being in a trance at times. There was a deep sense of primal ritual about it, just like Suzanne talked about. My daughter and I worked together in harmony to meet each other. I hope that every labour and birth I have in the future is like this! It was truly the experience I'd dreamed about. Thank you Suzanne and Yogababy for teaching and empowering me."

Rebecca attended our Active Birth Yoga classes and a Private Session with Suzanne.