4 simple yoga tips to support Mums and Bubs Yoga


I have put together a few easy yoga tips for Mums to practice from the comfort of their own home and start to enjoy the benefits. I have also included a tip to soothe babies as well.

Tip #1: Feel stronger with pelvic floor exercises

The easiest way to strengthen the pelvic floor is lying on your back, knees bent up and feet apart resting on the floor.  Draw the internal muscles of the pelvis in and up, as if you are stopping the flow of urine.  Hold it for a few seconds at first (working towards 10-15 seconds), let go. Rest a few seconds.  Repeat this contraction 6-10 times in each session. Keep breathing as you do the holds.  You may feel your lower tummy tense and draw in a little (like a corset), this is good as the two muscle groups work together. Get in a habit of changing positions when using this muscular corset. Doing pelvic floor helps enhance reproductive functions and alleviates depression.

Tip #2: Beat fatigue with legs up the wall pose

Simply start close to a wall and swing your legs up the wall, wriggle your thighs towards the wall until your buttocks are touching the wall and rest your arms out to your sides. Relax.  The initial dizziness will subside and you will eventually be able to stay up to 10 mins.  This yoga posture will provide relief for lower back pain, help with increasing milk supply and decrease fatigue.  It is best done in the afternoon.  Do not practice this pose during menstruation.

Tip #3:  Gain energy with elbow rolls

In a standing or sitting position, place your hands on your shoulders.  Inhale, and breathe deeply as you make circles in the air with your elbows. Inhale as the elbows go up and exhale as the elbows go down, moving both elbows in unison.  After 12 slow circles, reverse the direction.  Try and touch your elbows together as they sweep across your chest. This gently massages the lymph nodes under the armpits and can alleviate early signs of mastitis.  The elbows rolls release congestion in the shoulders and help you to make space for your breathing.

Tip #4: Soothe an irritable baby by lifting your baby from his or her base

When a baby is supported under the buttocks, postural reflexes keep him or her upright.  When we lift conventionally (picking up a baby under the arms), the baby is a dead weight dangling from the armpits, with the ribcage squeezed.  This is too hard for the baby’s neck and spine. Amazingly, a baby held at his or her base can and will hold the spine and head erect – from the moment of birth.  Try it, when you lift and support your baby from his or her base, your baby will develop an expanded sense of self through the body.  Babies supported by the base are less irritable and more confident.

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