Tania and Luke's testimonial

Mum and bub

My partner Luke and I (and of course Isla), had a wonderful birth experience, which we mostly attribute to not only me attending your yoga classes since week 14 of my pregnancy, but also (and importantly) to both Luke and I attending the Active Birth workshop prior to Isla's arrival.

While I love telling our birth story, even more I love hearing Luke tell it as he was so empowered after attending the Active Birth Workshop that he felt completely confident and comfortable with supporting me throughout all phases of the labour. Being first time parents, we had also attended antenatal classes at the hospital, but found those classes to be a bit of a waste of time, as they provided no guidance towards active birth practices.  Every moment of our labour was such a positive experience for us both. From the moment Luke woke he constantly encouraged me to try different positions we had learnt in your workshop, he massaged me when I needed it, he reminded me of the affirmations I had, he breathed with me, he even sounded out 'loose lips' to encourage me to relax and surrender through the contractions! He believes that without the knowledge and understanding he gained from that class, that he would not have been able to be as calm and supportive enough to be involved in every phase of the birth. He feels that the Active Birth workshop is a valuable class for all partners to attend in order to be empowered to understand and provide the support that is needed throughout labour.

We have both emerged from this beautiful experience with a stronger confidence in each other, an increased respect for the way the human body works and the miracles that it achieves through birth, along with incredible memories that we will continue to enjoy sharing in the years to come - and a gorgeous baby girl to wrap it all up!