BIRTHSTORY: Meet baby Bilawi

Bilawi was born on Friday night weighing 8/7 pounds. I went into labour at 6pm and had her at 9.45pm.  Thank god for the work we did with you in the Private Session because they wanted me to have a c-section and induction because they said I was having a 10/3 pound baby.  As a result, I went into labour really scared about birth, but I resisted any kind of intervention. 

My partner was great - at home, he helped lift my tummy up during the contractions, I had an overwhelming sense of pushing my hips forward and holding my hands up high above my head during the contractions, I wanted to hold onto the shower curtain above my head and heave into them with my back arched backwards- which sounds weird but I think it was because my belly was so horizontal- my body needed to get the babies head back into my pelvis .... we did really well up until this point. Then we went to the hospital and it felt I like I would nearly give birth in the car, car park, lift etc.

Forty minutes after arriving at the hospital I gave birth on my hands and knees again.  We had a natural normal vaginal birth - I’m really happy with how we ended up. 

Bubba is gorgeous and we are very happy.

Merindah attended the Pregnancy Yoga, Active Birth Yoga classes and a Private Session with her Partner