BIRTHSTORY: Bekki's successful VBAC

I welcomed my beautiful baby girl, Delilah on Sunday night. I had the VBAC/ dream birth I so longed for and used a whole bunch of the active birth tools.

I chose to have the induction at 39+6 (which was thankfully well supported by my entire Birth team)...Amazing it was an induction that involved only having the balloon overnight and then breaking my waters in the morning. I was then given 4 hrs to get into labour and walked around the hospital grounds, took my shoes off and walked through the grass and enjoyed time with my husband... within a few hours I was in cracking labour (no synto required)  and from there things progressed really quickly to a successful VBAC.

So glad I did the active birth classes! Whilst I knew the theory, actually doing the practice was more beneficial than I realised... And so good to connect with myself and the baby (& give myself the time to enjoy the journey!). I was focusing on my breath and using rhythmic motions with my hands to keep my mind in the moment... and amazingly my daughter has been doing lots of rhythmic hand movements since being born. It’s like we really were dancing together as she was being born. So special! 

Bekki, a Midwife, attended the Active Birth Yoga classes with Suzanne.