How physiotherapy and yoga helped Hayley regain confidence to move with ease in pregnancy

Over the past few months, I have been working with Jessica & Anna from Baroona Physio to help Hayley, a Yogababy student who has been experiencing pain during her pregnancy.  Combining Physiotherapy & Yoga has helped her to find more freedom in movement and pleasure in her pregnancy. Here is her story.

"My early pregnancy was so enjoyable, active and easygoing. I was working full time and also running a small business. 

At around 15 weeks, some of the work was beginning to feel quite physically demanding. I started to feel increasing back stiffness. As my belly grew bigger, this stiffness eventually lead to pelvic pain. I was also experiencing painful muscle spasms, with a random “locking” sensation in my left hip socket, leaving me unable to even take a step without intense pain until it “unlocked”. This quickly impacted on my ability to be active and more importantly on my confidence of being able to trust my body. As I progressed through my pregnancy with increasing pain, my hopes of being powerful enough to succeed in a natural birth started to feel distant. I felt fear and doubt. 

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Around this time, I serendipitously connected with a gorgeous mumma-to-be who referred me to Yogababy. The day I contacted Suzanne, I was able to talk through both my goals and my worries regarding my pregnancy. For the first time I felt my needs were recognised. She helped me plan a yoga and active birthing program. Suzanne then promptly linked me to Jessica at Baroona Physio and an amazing treatment program unfolded in front of my eyes. 

Being a client at Baroona Physio is the first time I have been directly involved in an assessment and treatment program so thorough, intensive and professional. Therapists Jessica and Anna have included Suzanne at every step, through joint therapy appointments, session feedback and their attendance at a pregnancy yoga session.

The communication between Baroona Physio, Yogababy and my other identified supports has allowed for the development of a highly individualised and holistic approach in regards to my healing goals. My understanding is growing not only about the cause of my symptoms, but how to manage them on a daily basis in a way that evolves with my growing belly. I am feeling in control of the “locking”. I have noticed that my flexibility has improved and I can achieve better postures in yoga. I have experienced increased mobility in different areas of my body; I can now look over my shoulder without prickly stiffness for the first time in years and I can nearly touch my toes! This might sound simple for some, but a lifetime of horse riding (and some spectacular accidents) has made me feel like I just have to live with pain. Now I know this is not true and it also applies to pregnancy. 

Jessica’s passion teaches pregnant women that pain is not something “normal” we have to endure, despite the general consensus of pain being a part growing a life inside us. Suzanne’s passion is helping women connect to their innate intelligence and realise the power we hold, to bring our babies into the world using natural energy. Together, the shared wisdom and expertise held by these women is changing my life! 

My spinal issues are complex and being treated has been a deeply emotional journey with ups and downs. For some time, my spine problems felt like a lost cause. But Yogababy and Baroona Physio believe in my ability to heal.

  • I feel both nurtured and empowered.  
  • I feel my confidence blooming. 
  • I can visualise my ideal birth goals again. 
  • I feel stronger! 

I know my treatment plan will continue to evolve and soon we will work with each other in different ways. But so far on this journey, my baby and I deeply thank Suzanne, Jessica and Anna from the bottom our grateful hearts- we feel so blessed to have connected with Yogababy and Baroona Physio "