Reflections of a Midwife


I initially attended yogababy active birth classes during my first pregnancy.  Whilst my partner and I were the first of our family and friends to have a baby, I was a graduate midwife who felt like I knew a lot about birth and the early days of parenthood.  Then I attended yogababy classes.  I felt like I had not learnt anything about birth!  Suzanne guided us through a yoga practice that included explorations into pelvic awareness, the stages of labour, the fourth trimester, self care and massage.  Some of it stretched us out of our comfort zones (the mammalian sounds comes to mind).  I loved the exercises (and massages!) but what I appreciated most was the open space for woman-sharing, connection and empowerment - discussions on our feelings of labour and parenthood and the sharing of birth stories, and time to connect and give space to the baby about to land in our lives...

And so now to baby number three!  Whilst I knew most of the drill of yogababy having been twice before, it was good to take time out of the busy-ness of daily life and connect with my baby.  Whilst I didn't get to hear many birth stories (kindy pickup called), connecting with other women helped make me stronger and in the right headspace for labour and birth.  

A big thank-you to Suzanne, Lauren and yogababy.