Birth Story: Meet baby Henry

After attending Yogababy pregnancy and active birth classes before the birth of my first son Frederick, I was certain I wanted to do the same with my second. Having had an induction for medical reasons with Frederick, I was a little more realistic going into my second birth about how even the best preparation can send you on a different path through labour to motherhood and meeting your baby. 

That being said, returning to the classes was invaluable as they added to my existing experience of birth, put me in a great headspace and also gave me the opportunity to stop and listen to my baby amongst a busy life of work and having a toddler. 

At 39 weeks I attended my last pregnancy yoga class as a casual attendee. Suzanne joked in class that some of the positions we were doing would tip me into labour. The following day at 3pm my waters broke! I went into spontaneous active labour late that evening and my second son Henry was born at 7.30am the following morning. It was an incredibly empowering experience compared to my first labour. I was instinctively able to draw on the positions we practiced in classes to feel my way through the different stages of my labor as well as the Calm Birth principles my husband and I had learnt before our first son was born. 

Thank you Suzanne and Yogababy from us all, Frederick and Henry included! Your passion, kindness and generosity is so appreciated by so many mothers and their families. 

Sarah attending our Pregnancy Yoga and Active Birth Yoga classes.