Fertility yoga and a woman’s moon cycle

 by Suzanne Swan

We know from ancient cultures, that a woman’s cycle is intimately linked with the moon.   Our modern culture with its preoccupation with birth control devices and its emphasis on consumerism has tampered with the natural ebb and flow of a woman’s cycle. 


 In our Private fertility session with Suzanne we link your yoga practices to the moon cycle.  When you understand the moon cycle rhythms and take the time to rest and replenish once a month, you will be recharging your creative potential and conserving your feminine powers.

Once every month, your menstrual cycle should occur with the dark moon.  If your cycle does not coincide with the moon phases, you can utilise the fertility yoga practices to restore your natural cycle.* 

The dark moon, often referred to as the ‘resting moon’ is a time of rest and replenishment.  During your menstruation you are required to go at a slower pace and to allow the body to cleanse itself. You are advised to decrease your activities to the bare minimum so that your body experiences the least degree of intrusion.   Avoid wearing tampons when you practise yoga during your menstruation.  The tampons hinder the natural downward flow of energy that encourages the healthy purification process. A restorative practice is recommended during this moon phase.

The waxing moon is linked with the energies of the beginning of the menstrual cycle.  It is a time of new ideas, imagination, exploring potentials, being resourceful and open to everything without fear.  It is a time of strengthening and finding balance in your yoga practice.

The full moon is linked with the energy of ovulation.  It is a state of ripe creativity, time spent conceiving, nurturing and developing ideas.  It is a time to explore yoga postures that are more extroverted and opening outwards. You can stimulate ovulation at this time by manipulating your exposure to light at night.  Keep your curtains open so that the light of the full moon can enter your room.

The energy connected to the waning moon is that of introspection, intolerance and high emotions.  The waning moon is the time of the harvest and putting things away. Practicing supported inversions during this premenstrual phase is especially helpful for balancing your hormones.

*Please note that your menstrual cycle will be different from the moon phases for some of the year due to the length of your menstrual cycle being slightly different from the 29.5 day moon cycle.