Birth Story: Meet baby Lucas

Thank-you Suzanne for the support and wealth of knowledge that you share at Yogababy classes.  I used many of the tools you teach during my labour.  It was an incredibly intense experience that stretched me physically and emotionally yet also made me feel strong and empowered afterwards... and ready to take on the next stage of motherhood.

Labour started on the evening of Easter Sunday at 40 weeks + 5 days.  We had the last 'event' planned, although I (in my mind) had been making plans incase bub came in the last week of the school term (Easter hat parades, etc).  Family members were heading home as I was starting to get contractions - uncomfortable but manageable.  They were happening about every half an hour for about 30 seconds.  So we headed to bed early to rest before the big event.  I felt excited yet nervous.

I woke up at about midnight.  Contractions had picked up to one every 20 minutes and were stronger.  I had to be standing up for them.  At 1:30am I had 3 in a row that were bitey so decided it was time to ring the midwife at the birth centre.  I told her that whilst contractions were still mostly 15 minutes apart, I felt ready to come into the hospital.  I woke my husband (I am a lone labourer at home), and we drove slowly to the hospital.  As the carpark was closed we parked 300m up the road.  The transition from car to hospital is always memorable for me.

The night was clear, air crisp and the full moon shining brightly.  A beautiful night!  The walk was peppered with stops for contractions. They were picking up. When we arrived up at the birth centre, my midwife took my blood pressure and listened to baby's heart.  Then, I headed to the shower.  As soon as I went in there, my contractions became stronger and closer together.  It was intense and I can remember thinking "transition."  The hot water was good pain relief but then it also felt like it was bringing more contractions on.  I came out into the birth suite and started pushing.  

My husband supported me with lower back pressure and the midwife guided the student midwife to catch the baby.  I needed more pelvic space so did a lunge-style kneel over the bed.  Baby's head came out slowly and then in the next contraction, baby slid out, crying for 10 seconds and then silence.  A beautiful baby boy!  I hopped onto the birth stool for my placenta to separate and come out.  We then hopped into bed and breastfed. Later in the morning my husband brought two very excited and proud big brothers to pick us up.

Miranda attended our Active Birth Yoga classes.