Finding your way with birthing positions

During labour, listen to, be patient and trust, your body will let you know what to do.  I have found that while women draw heavily on the birthing skills we learn in the Active birth yoga classes, the one’s that cope well usually do more than what they have learned in class. They discover their own ways of adapting spontaneously to the increase of physical demand that active labour brings.


This means you are most likely going to find your own way in labour when you feel safe and supported, and are free to move and make sounds.

You will find yourself naturally adopting positions that make space for the baby and be guided by the contractions to bear down when the time is right.

You may take standing, sitting, squatting, kneeling or all four positions.  Listening to your body and doing what feels comfortable.

We practice the birthing positions in our Active birth yoga classes and in the Active Birth skills workshop with your partner to familiarise yourself with these positions so you can confidently choose when to rest and when to move more.