Don't be afraid, your baby needs your courage to grow

“Attending the yogababy classes made me confident through the pregnancy which translated to being a more confident Mum”

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Being able to move gives you confidence in your pregnancy. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions play an integral role in our actions and decision-making, they even affect our physiology every moment of the day. What we think and believe about birth matters.

A positive image of birth is the cornerstone of a safe, happy birth experience. If you believe your body is meant to give birth efficiently, naturally and without complications and that birth is a joyful event, you are more than halfway to a safe, natural birth.

“I truly believe that being relaxed, happy and positive has reflected in my daughter. She’s a happy chill baby and I think weekly yoga played a big role in this.”

Fear Releasing techniques practiced in class include:

  • Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Slow rhythmic breathing

  • Practicing moment-by-moment awareness

  • Creative visualisation

Join our yogababy Brisbane Pregnancy Yoga classes are on Tuesday & Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Gold Coast Pregnancy Yoga classes are on Tuesday evenings and Saturday morning. Active Birth workshops with your partner are held monthly.