When a Yogababy 'baby' turns Pro!

by Suzanne Swan

Pacha Light was one of yogababy's first babies.  In early 2000 when I was studying Childbirth Education & Prenatal Yoga with Jane Campbell-Kaye in Brisbane, I travelled to South America to help my bestfriend, Anja Light,  bring Pacha into the world - at her home in the mountains of Ecuador. I taught  her yoga techniques to stay peaceful and relaxed during labour. 


Pacha is now 16 years old!  At the beginning of this year, I went down to my favourite place where I spent my teenage years, Currumbin Rock, and had the pleasure of teaching Pacha Light yoga on the beach. She is now a pro surfer and model with Billabong and wanted to learn to be more flexible and tune in to achieve her goals.  So good to pass on the peaceful teachings of yoga to our youth of today!  Some are interested in sustaining our planet and raising their consciousness.

pacha 2.jpg

On the first day of the year 2018, I’m resetting my intention to stay connected, grounded, stay grateful and stay true to who I am. To have fresh new perspectives about the environment around me, to truly immerse in the beauty of our home. To absorb the energy from the sunrise and tap into the rhythm of the sea. Slowing down with an in breath...Hold...Out breath. Om...then plunge into the ocean! - Pacha Light

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