The Modern World of Yoga

I am excited to be presenting at this year's Yoga Australia Conference in Melbourne from 16th-18th March.  Yoga continues to spread and evolve, accelerating at a pace never witnessed before through the marriage of traditional practice with the technologies of the modern day. 

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Over the 3-days, experts like myself will discuss our research, professional and personal experiences,  guide demonstrations of evidence-based practices, and participate in panel discussions in an educational program. 

Some yoga teachers become anxious at the thought of a pregnant woman in their class.  The mind begins to tick over examining which of the class poses can she and can’t she do. Is it safe?  It’s good to know that a healthy woman experiencing a low risk pregnancy is capable of doing most foundation yoga poses with some modifications.  I will be teaching tips and safe practices to support the pregnant woman in a general yoga class.

Here are four benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy

  1. Yoga promotes general body flexibility and strength and improves circulation.
  2. Along with these obvious physical benefits, the deeper sense of relaxation and release of stress achieved benefits both mother and unborn child.
  3. Yoga has been shown to ease anxiety during pregnancy and to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  4. The quietness of the mind and cultivation of positive emotions helps the mother to connect with her unborn child and this heightened sense of well-being facilitates the best possible experience of pregnancy and birth for both.

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