BIRTH STORY: Meet Baby Lola


Our baby girl Lola, was born on 16 February weighing in at 9.2 pounds. She was 10 days over the due date in the end.

The doctors were keen to do an earlier induction as she was going to be a "big" baby but given all I had learnt in the active birth classes and your advice that on average, women can go 8 days over their due date, I wanted to wait and have faith in my body and my baby, that she would come of her own accord in her own time.

And she did. My waters broke at 9pm the night before I was to be induced and by 12.33am Lola had arrived. I delivered in a squatting position with good assistance from the midwives and picturing a nice loose vagina as we practiced. I managed to avoid a tear completely, which I was amazed and grateful for!

So thank you very much for all your knowledge and answering my induction queries over the phone, I felt a lot of confidence as a result of it.

Robyn attended our Active Birth Yoga classes.