Suzanne Swan, senior yoga teacher, has been teaching fertility yoga and preconception care since 2005. She has helped hundreds of women/couples on their journey towards parenthood.

How does yoga aid fertility?

When you include yoga postures, meditation, breathing, visualisations, and positive thinking into your fertility self care program you can:

  • Improve preconception care

  • Lower your stress hormones

  • Improve egg quality

  • Increase your chances of a successful IVF by 35%

‘The fertility private session with Suzanne was the inspiration I needed to be motivated to work towards feeling calmer and more relaxed through my fertility journey.’
— Vicki

The private  session  is suitable for beginners.  During a 60 min session we will examine the mind/body connection (mindfulness practices), look at your menstrual cycle and develop a home yoga practice.  You will need to set aside 2 x 15 mins each day for the practices.  

To book a Fertility Private Session

  1. Complete the fertility yoga form

  2. Choose a day and time

I am attending a fertility clinic and undergoing assisted reproductive procedures. How will yoga help?

Our yoga practices are safe for women during Assisted Reproductive Technology. The stress associated with infertility can be lessened through adding the health-enhancing benefits of yoga to modern medical intervention. Fertility clinics recognise the benefits of complementary therapies such as yoga to enhance conception. There is a general sequence of yoga postures, breath, sound and meditation practices that, when practised regularly, will help you to reduce high stress levels that can inhibit the proper functioning of the endocrine (hormonal) system.  

Scientists are studying the effects of stressful emotions on the body and mind and they have found that stress has physiological effects that will alter the balance of hormones in the body for both women and men - especially relating to fertility and preconception. 

  • Reduce the fear, depression and stress resulting from hormonal imbalances.

Specific yoga practices promote the cooperation of the nervous, digestive, pulmonary, immune, skeletal, lymphatic, reproductive and endocrine systems.  By tuning in all these subsystems we bring ourselves into harmony with our natural rhythms.  The fertility yoga practice brings the body into a state of relaxation that will enhance fertility and preconception health. 

  • Overcome health conditions like PMS, painful or missing periods, flagging libido, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis,etc.

Hormonal disorders can be a contributing cause of infertility.  The practice of yoga can align your menstrual cycle with the moon rhythms thus increasing internal balance. The Fertility yoga private sessions  will teach you the yoga postures that can be practised over the course of your menstrual cycle.

  • Accept and come to appreciate the weekly changes in your hormones, tuning into your menstrual cycle’s phases will guide you as to when to nourish, to create, to heal & to discover your gifts of insight.

‘The fertility private session with Suzanne was the inspiration I needed to be motivated to work towards feeling calmer and more relaxed through my fertility journey.’
— Vicki
I had all but given up hope this month and the morning after my last yogababy class I got my first positive. I really think that fertility yoga class was the reason, I think that the deep relaxation was the turning point so a massive thank you!!
— Jo
Thank you for the wonderful time I had attending the fertility yoga class. It really helped me with working through my feelings left from my miscarriage and the frustration I was experiencing with having trouble conceiving again. I would really like to book in for the Active Birth Yoga because I AM PREGNANT!
— Jodi
I joined the yogababy Fertility yoga classes after about 12 months of trying to fall pregnant. Apart from worrying about why I wasn’t falling pregnant – I was also working in an extremely busy job and one where I travelled quite regularly. The Fertility yoga classes were a great opportunity to take some time out for me … I’d done other yoga classes before but they tended to have much more of an exercise focus whereas the Fertility yoga practice was quite different and very much about letting go and exploring your own body and postures. The classes were also very useful for relaxation and to help slow down my very busy mind. I found that my menstrual cycle regulated over the time that I practised and aligned completely with the moon. I fell pregnant about 3-4 months after finishing Fertility yoga and am sure that this practice helped on my path to pregnancy.
— Cheryl
I’m PREGNANT!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful fertility classes - they were truly such a joy for me to attend each week. I’m so appreciative of how much effort you put into designing each of the classes with added movements and information each time. I loved the chanting and humming and all the wonderful positions obviously very much contributed to me getting pregnant at 40!
— Maud
I attended the Fertility yoga classes and found them very beneficial and enjoyable. Prior to attending the Fertility yoga classes I had very little yoga experience but had read about the benefits of practising yoga when trying to become pregnant - and after trying for over a year I was more than willing to try yoga. By attending the fertility yoga classes I learnt how yoga postures could assist my cycle to promote fertility and I learnt invaluable meditation and relaxation exercises that I continue to use regularly. I looked forward to each fertility yoga class every week and went on to attend the Pregnancy yoga classes and am currently enjoying attending the Active Birth yoga classes. I would (and have) highly recommend the fertility yoga classes!
— Kim