Guidelines for safe yoga poses during pregnancy

Yoga offers many benefits during pregnancy. If you want to try yoga, do check with your doctor or midwife first. It is recommended that you start yoga after 14 weeks.

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Are you a yoga teacher or a pregnant yoga student?

As a general rule modify yoga poses to make space for the growing belly and find poses that are similar but less demanding on the pregnant body.  If in doubt, tune into the growing  baby with slow breathing rhythms and restorative  poses during the class. Child, Cat and Butterfly poses are recommended.

You can DOWNLOAD HANDOUT:  a one page summary of Safe yoga poses during pregnancy. 

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Here are 25 yoga poses you can safely do whilst pregnant. 

It’s good to know that a healthy woman experiencing a low risk pregnancy is capable of doing most foundation yoga poses with some modifications. Remember to use props such as blocks, a chair, or a wall to make some of the standing poses more supportive.

A study  ‘Yoga in Pregnancy: An Examination of Maternal and fetal responses to 26 Yoga Postures’ published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynaecology (2015) and in the Harvard Health blog found that yoga poses are safe to do, even, in the third trimester.

You can download the list of 26 yoga poses demonstrated to be safe for pregnant women to practice.