This is a comparison of the differences between a Private Session and Active birth workshop.

Topic Private Session (1-on-1) Active Birth workshop (max 8 couples)
Amount of tuition 3 hours 6 hours
Day Mon-Fri Day Sunday 9am – 4pm
1hr Lunch break 12.30pm
Cost $360 $360
Breathing techniques Yes Yes
Relaxation skills Yes Yes
Vocalisation Yes Yes
Touch and massage Yes Yes
Acupressure points Yes Yes
Optimal baby positioning Yes Yes
Active birthing positions Yes Yes
1st Stage birthing positions Yes Yes
2nd Stage birthing positions Yes Yes
Natural birth videos No Yes
Decision making Yes Yes
Fear release Yes Yes
Couples discussion Yes Yes
Handout 10 page workbook 32 page workbook
Home practice 32 weeks weekly 32 weeks weekly
37 weeks 2/3 x week 37 weeks 2/3 x week
39 weeks daily 39 weeks daily
Recommended start 32 – 38 weeks 32 – 38 weeks