PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training

Postgraduate Diploma in Pre/PostNatal Yoga & Active Birth (150hrs or 4 modules)


Modules January - July 2020

  1. PreNatal Yoga TT - 24th-27th January or 24th - 27th July (information sheet)

  2. PostNatal Yoga TT - 20th-23rd March (information sheet)

  3. Active Birth Training - 29th - 31st May (information sheet)

  4. 6 months Mentoring with Suzanne Swan


  • Registered Midwife and proof of a minimum of +200hrs yoga practice (equivalent to 2/3 classes over 2 years)


Complete the Postgraduate Diploma in PreNatal/PostNatal TT  & Active Birth  and you can apply to become an Associate Member and a Registered PreNatal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  Along with the 150hrs  Yoga training  you will receive 6 months  mentorship with Suzanne Swan.

Cost: $2750  upfront (before 30th Sept) or payment plan option

All trainings are held at the Yogababy studio, Auchenflower, Brisbane

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Active Birth Training

Non-residential 3-day Workshop Intensive (Friday - Sunday)

May 29th-31st May, 2020 (10am Friday - 4pm Sunday)

Download information sheet


This course alone will increase your knowledge of working one-on-one with women in your workplace teaching proven mind/body techniques for health & wellness during pregnancy. Attendance at the Active Birth Training gives 20hrs MIDPLUS CPD points.

Complete all three Pre/PostNatal yoga & Active Birth TT and you can apply to be a Registered PreNatal Yoga Teacher. Require minimum of 2 years (+ 200 hrs) yoga experience. See below.

“I really enjoyed every aspect of the course. Suzanne articulated everything so beautifully and she so clearly has the years of experience and passion culminating in her work that it’s impossible for it not rub off on others. Her influence and guidance is one of the reasons I felt so confident and strong throughout my pregnancy and birthing journey. If I can instil in other women this same feeling, I’ll feel as though I’ve done the right thing! ”

— Kathleen

This course was full of information you cannot learn from traditional childbirth education courses. It has very useful & practical information and techniques that can be applied to any work setting (private, public, homebirth etc). Fantastic course for midwives and all birth workers!
— Betina, Midwife
I was extremely satisfied with the quality of this course. The program is thorough & gripping and very well thought out for both midwives and yoga teachers. The knowledge learnt over the weekend is directly correlated with labour & birth suite roles and a great refresher.
— Celeste, Midwife

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Mentoring with Suzanne Swan

Suzanne Swan is able to offer suitable applicants work experience in order to gain yoga teaching experience.  These classes will be supervised and mentorship given.